Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Investing in shams free zone Sharjah is beneficial for entrepreneurs and investors. It is possible to open a bank account in the UAE. The Free Zone offers a range of services for the business community. It has a thriving business community that hosts regular seminars, networking events, and conferences. The Shams community provides support and encouragement for entrepreneurs. It also provides opportunities for meeting new clients and potential partners.

A Shams Free Zone is also tax-free:

Unlike many other jurisdictions, the UAE government doesn’t charge corporate taxes. This is important for companies that are just starting. Furthermore, companies can perform a wide range of activities thanks to the Shams License. The free zone offers a tax-free environment for business. Moreover, it is beneficial to investors because they can use the free zone to expand their businesses.

Ideal for trading and e-commerce venture:

The Free Zone is also ideal for trading and e-commerce ventures. The zone has a business infrastructure perfect for e-commerce, consultancy, and other businesses. In addition, the free zone allows businesses to operate in multiple languages, which helps build a strong business foundation. Further, a free zone permits the free movement of goods once customs duties are paid. There are many benefits of establishing a business in a Free Zone.

Facilitates opening a branch office for a pre-existing company:

Moreover, the Free Zone also facilitates opening a branch office for a pre-existing company. The parent company will still retain the identity of the branch. This means that the branch will open a bank account and sponsor employees. The free zone is ideal for the investor to start a business. Further, a free zone has stable government laws that encourage business growth.

Allows for easy access to low-cost finance for SMEs

It also allows for easy access to low-cost finance for SMEs. With professionals, SMEs can access regulated peer-to-peer finance. The only requirement is that the company be a creative or innovative one. Additionally, the Shams Free Zone allows pre-existing companies to open a branch in the region. The branch is considered a subsidiary of the parent company, and it can even sponsor employees. The partnership between the two is beneficial for both sides.

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