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5 Functions Of Construction Management

To effectively run a construction project, different functions are essential to the process. These functions include the pre-construction phase, safety management, quality control, and cost control. To effectively carry out these functions, a construction manager must establish a communication flow that covers both written and digital communication. The manager should ensure that the project team efficiently communicates with each other so that all parties are on the same page. Read below the key functions of construction management in Dubai.

Pre-construction phase

There are many critical steps to take before a construction project can begin. To manage a successful project, these steps must be coordinated across all parties involved. Using a construction document management system can help you keep track of all project documents in one place and make them easily accessible to all parties.

Quality control

Quality control is the process of ensuring that completed construction projects meet the required quality standards. It involves inspecting the site for deficiencies and notifying the responsible party. In some cases, it can also involve making recommendations to management. Ultimately, quality control is an essential part of construction management.

Safety management

Safety management is an integral function of construction management, as it directly affects construction workers’ behavior. According to a recent study, construction managers’ attitude towards safety is the most influential factor in worker behavior. As a result, improving the organizational skills of managers is a critical component of safety management.

Cost control

Cost control is a crucial function for construction projects. Without it, revenue and profits can be significantly cut, and future projects could be jeopardized. However, with effective cost control, costs can be monitored and reduced. In the long run, this can be beneficial for the profitability and reputation of a construction company.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of construction management. Developing effective communication strategies is essential to the success of the construction project. Effective communication channels ensure that relevant information reaches the right people at the right time and reduce inefficiencies. Most people think that email is the best way to exchange information quickly and effectively. However, it is not always possible to get your messages to everyone at the right time. As a result, a dedicated communication medium is a necessity.

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