Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
What are the Purposes of EMS Fitness Training?

EMS machines work by delivering tiny pulses of electricity to muscles. These pulses cause the muscles to contract and increase blood flow to the areas. These signals come from the brain. EMS fitness training in Dubai aims to increase muscle strength and tone without stressing areas that are susceptible to injury. These machines are becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. You can read more about EMS below. Here are the advantages of this type of training.

EMS helps increase muscle blood flow:

EMS fitness training uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscle tissue and improve circulation. By targeting muscles with specific stimulation, EMS improves muscle blood flow, enabling the body to recover from an injury quicker and more efficiently. Injuries to the muscles are common in athletics, and other forms of exercise, and the use of EMS prevents these problems. This fitness training is also practical for patients recovering from surgery since it improves blood circulation and helps decrease the risk of muscle atrophy.

It is effective for pain management:

EMS is effective for pain management, improving muscle blood flow, and warming up muscles before the performance. It works by sending electrical impulses through the muscle fibers at higher Hz rates, causing the muscles to contract and increase blood flow. EMS is an excellent tool for recovery and warming up muscles, as it recruits more muscle fibers than a conventional warm-up. In addition to improving muscle blood flow, EMS also improves performance and reduces muscular injuries.

It helps maintain muscle tone without putting pressure:

EMS also helps athletes maintain muscle tone without putting pressure on the injured areas. A quadriceps contraction, for example, may only use 40% of the muscle fibers and electrical signals. This is not enough to push the body any further. So the weight lifter may try to push heavier weights despite not having as much muscle as they used to and may experience discomfort.

EMS helps increase muscle strength:

EMS fitness training has many benefits beyond just building muscle. Only forty to seventy percent of your muscle fibers are recruited in a traditional gym workout. With EMS, over 90% of your muscle fibers are recruited, increasing the intensity of your training and your overall routine. EMS also promotes better blood circulation, removing toxins and making skin appear healthier. EMS workouts can be performed anywhere, including on vacation.

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